Getting that girl you have a crush on to go out on a date with you is an exciting and anxious feeling. However, the tough task isn’t getting her to go out with you but getting her to go back home with you. If you do not know the right words to say or the appropriate gestures to make, you will end up ruining your dating.

In the worst-case scenario, you can end up making a fool of yourself and end up losing the girl for good. These tips will make sure the girl enjoys her time and feels comfortable around you. Once you have her interested, you can easily get her to want to spend the night with you.

Be Punctual

Yes, punctuality does help! Many women may not show it or make it obvious, but a man that keeps time has an advantage over one who is non-punctual. By keeping the time, you will make the lady feel prioritized and respected. Think about it; this is also a way of showing her that you are organized. Every woman loves a man who has his priorities right.

Don’t Try Too Much

Many men fail to hide their lustful desires by throwing in sexual compliments in the middle of conversations. You are free to compliment her but keep things spontaneous and realistic. You do not want your date to feel uncomfortable. Complimenting her beauty and traits is enough to get the conversation going and interesting.

For example, if she tells you she’s into comedy and romance movies, you can tell her a dirty joke to test the waters. If she’s comfortable with the joke and doesn’t show any signs of provocation. You can add some bits of sex talk in your conversation, and before you know it, she’ll be the one suggesting you head home together.

Make Your Intentions Clear & Keep It Respectful

Women like men who are clear about their intentions from the very beginning. However, this doesn’t imply that you should go straight to asking her to spend the night with you. Be respectful in the manner that you ask. For example, if you are talking about what she loves and she mentions cooking, you can suggest ditching the date to go and try out some of her food. There are numerous ways to ask her to go home with you respectfully.

Maintain the Same Energy Throughout

Finally, if all the above tips do not work, try and hide your disappointment. Some women will turn men down just to see if they are serious about their intentions. Maintaining the same enthusiasm throughout the date can make her change her mind as you accompany her to get a taxi.