Different ways to remove warts


Warts are usually caused by a virus. The most common virus causing warts in human beings is the Human Papilloma Virus. There are different types of what including flat warts which have flat heads and may be yellow or pink in color. Periungual warts are those which occur under fingers or toenails while plantar warts appear on soles of feet. Warts may be very painful depending on where they are located. The best way to treat warts is by boosting one’s immunity system. However, there are several ways of wart removal that can be used to get rid of warts as discussed in this article.

Salicylic acid

In many over the counter wart removers, salicylic acid is a common ingredient. It may take several weeks before the wart disappears. It is applied on the wart after the skin has been soaked in water for at least five minutes to soften it. A brush is used to apply the acid and then left to dry. The acid should be left on the skin for a day without washing it away. The dead skin may be peeled or filed off. This should be done after three days till the wart disappears.


Duct tape

This is a therapy that involves choking the wart. The tape is put on the wart after applying imiquimod cream of five percent concentration. This is a slow method since it has to be done for at least six months before visible results are seen. It is not best for people who want quick results.


This is a chemical that works by burning the wart away. It is very painful but visible results are seen after a day. It is also very expensive though worth it. The chemical is applied on the wart then bandaged. The next day the bandage is removed and the dead skin removed as well. Subsequent applications may be necessary if there will be need.

Liquid nitrogen

This may also involve freezing the wart. It may also cause discomfort and will need several rounds of treatment before results can be seen. However, it is among the most effective ways or wart removal. One should be careful when using this method because if it does not work then the wart grows bigger and may be difficult to remove.

Burning off the wart

This is painful though successful but may cause one to have some scars. This should be done by a doctor who will use a laser beam to get rid of the wart. One may also decide to do it from home by burning the wart with a matchbox to cause blistering which will initiate the healing process. The infected skin is peeled off and the area bandaged after applying aloe gel.


Cutting off the wart

The doctor may cut off the wart through electrosurgery which uses an electric current. This may still make the wart to grow back since it does not involve the blood vessels to the wart. Laser surgery may also be done which cuts of the wart with an intense light beam.