Dangers of Anal Bleaching

There are two known procedures that you can use to bleach your anus and they include using bleaching creams and surgery. Using leaching creams is considered to be the easiest and cheapest way to get your butt looking pink. This is because you can simply buy the creams over the counter and apply them on your bet.

Surgery, on the other hand, is considered to be the most effective while being expensive at the same time. Before you bleach your butt hole, you should be asking yourself; how safe is bleaching your anus? Are there any dangers of anal bleaching?
Although bleaching your anus is considered to be easy and safe, you should be aware that it also has its share of risks and dangers. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers of anal bleaching.


When you bleach your anus, either through the use of cream or surgery, you might experience some bruising on your butt hole. However, this bruising will not last for that long. It’s important to be aware that your butt might get bruised so that you are prepared for it. These bruises might affect your intercourse for a few days.


Redness is also a possible outcome of bleaching your buttocks. Since bleaching your butt involves removal of the melanin layer on the skin, it’s likely that your anus will develop some redness after the procedure. You should not be afraid since the redness will not be very painful. The redness will go away after a few days.


After you undergo the procedure of bleaching your anus, you are likely to feel some burning sensation on your posterior. You are bound to experience some burning after the procedure, regardless of which method you have used. So it’s all part of the procedure. However, the burning sensation should abate after a few days.

Risk of Cancer

The largest and the most exposed organ in your body. It is therefore at a great danger of contracting diseases and cancer is one of them. By bleaching the skin on your butt, you would have killed the melanin that is responsible for protecting the skin against diseases such as cancer.


anal bleachingThis might occur when you bleach your anus through surgery. Your butt may swell for a while. However, the swelling will eventually reduce and disappear after a few days. During swelling, you might find it uncomfortable to sit or have intercourse. However, this is only for a while as you will get normal soon.